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Life-long learning

For a knowledge-worker, life-long learning is the natural thing to do. Therefore, I continuously invest in self-study, to acquire new insights and skills. Eventually, my clients and partners will reap the benefits.

From March 2015- March 2018 I have written a book, entitled “Future Technologies We Want”, for a general audience. In it, I explain the positive, negative and uncertain roles of emerging technologies related to sustainable development, illustrated by three cases:

·         Innovative water purification technology, based on nanotechnology, as a partial solution for violent conflicts over mining.

·         Biotechnology, which saves lives, but may also be misused for biological weapons. This calls for societal dialogue about balanced solutions.

·         Drones, which rapidly conquer military, commercial and hobby-markets, while regulation lags behind. Technological and legal solutions for societal impacts of this application of micro- and nanotechnology should go hand in hand.

I discuss the legal, technological, philosophical and societal context in which key enabling technology emerges, and offer suggestions for responsible and sustainable technology development, in international cooperation between governments, researchers, companies, civil society and individual citizens. The book is chock-full of examples of existing initiatives, moving in the right direction. I plead for better coordination and dialogue about underlying value conflicts.

The book is published by Wolf Legal Publishers, and is available from bookstores from 2 April 2018, www.wolfpublishers.com. I build upon insights from earlier projects and publications, and on my PhD-thesis. It can also be ordered online: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/future-technologies-we-want/9200000090384460/?productId=9200000090384460&language=en.

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Nanotechnology for clean water


Nanotechnology is highly suitable for purifying waste water from mining. In the project NMP-DeLA, we discussed the opportunities with European and Latin American experts and stakeholders, summarised in this document.

Dual use biotechnology


How citizens can be involved in balanced governance of dual-use biotechnology is a recurrent theme in interventions of Pax Christi International about the  Biological Weapons Convention. The issue was also discussed with citizens and stakeholders in the project SYNENERGENE.



The chapter on drones builds a.o. upon this article “Remote Control” in The Broker in 2008, and discussions on nanotechnology, peace and security in the project Nano Recht en Vrede in 2010.