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Policy advice responsible governance of key enabling technologies

·         Traditionally, the government takes care of the well-being and security of its citizens

·         Globalisation and rapid technological progress diminish the capacities of national governments to take their responsibility

·         A paradigm shift from top-down government to responsible governance together with governments, companies, researchers and civil society organisations is required, but how?

Do you recognise these issues? In that case, you are in good company: policy makers and stakeholders all over the world are struggling with the same questions. Since 1995, I have been engaged in (inter)national discussions on responsible governance of key enabling technologies. I would be happy to put my knowledge, experience and network at your service in a tailored project, report or lecture. Get in touch for more information.

Ineke Malsch

Malsch TechnoValuation
Dr. Ineke Malsch
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3500AL Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0)6 22670580,
Fax: +31 (0)842 137482,
E-mail: postbus@malsch.demon.nl

Website: www.malsch.demon.nl

Training: www.ethicschool.nl



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Relevant English reports (see also publications under experience)

Ineke Malsch. Workshop report summary. Mutual Learning in Synthetic Biology: POLICY IMPLICATIONS OF RRI. Exchange on Experiences and Perspectives from the SYNENERGENE Project.  April 24th – 25th 2017, Brussels. www.synenergene.eu 

Ineke Malsch, Alexei Grinbaum, Vincent Bontems, Anne Mette Fruelund Andersen, “Communicating NanoEthics” 4th Annual ObservatoryNano Report on Ethical and Societal Aspects, 2012

Ineke Malsch, Anne Mette Fruelund Andersen, “Responsible Research and Innovation” workshop report, ObservatoryNano workshop 1-2 February 2012, Brussels:

Ineke Malsch & Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Individual and Collective Responsibility for Nanotechnology, ObservatoryNano First Annual Report on Ethical and Social Aspects of Nanotechnology, 30 March 2009

NanoforumEULA project: reports on fact finding missions on nanotechnology in Mexico and Brazil, comparing needs for nanotechnology R&D cooperation with Europe, interviews with Latin American visiting researchers and analysis of results

Nanotechnology in Europe: experts’perceptions and scientific relations between sub-areas: Ineke Malsch, EUR report 17710, IPTS, Sevilla, November 1997

Nanotechnology: Ineke Malsch (ed), Working Document for the Project Steering Group, STOA, European Parliament, 1996

Nanotechnology, part 1: Social Map and State of the Art: Working Document for the Project Steering Group, STOA, European Parliament, 1996

Relevant lectures in English

I regularly talk about responsible and sustainable innovation to varying audiences including policy makers. See also the list under meetings.

9-12 April 2018. Future Health, at OECD conference on Rural Innovation, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

9-11 March 2015 Empowering Citizens in International Governance of Nanotechnology SNO-SUN-GUIDENANO, Venice, Italy, http://www.sun-fp7.eu  

22-25 October 2012 “Responsible Innovation in Practice” the S.NET conference, University Twente

2-4 April 2012 Ethics and Responsible Development of Nanotechnology for Energy, Water and the Environment in Europe (and international) ICPC-NanoNet final workshop, Goa, India

8-12-2011 Poster presentations “Through Biosecurity to Peace” on behalf of Pax Christi International and “Nanotechnology and Biosecurity” on behalf of ObservatoryNano, BTWC RevCon, Geneva, Switzerland

18-19 May 2009, UNESCO/ISESCO Expert Meeting on Nanotechnology and Ethics in the Arab region, Doha, Qatar: Military Uses of Nanotechnologies: Perspectives and Concerns

20 June 2007, EuroNanoforum 2007, Düsseldorf, Session C3, Nanotechnology in Social Perception. Keynote lecture on “Worldwide Societal Acceptance of Nanotechnology”.