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Participation in meetings

To keep up-to-date, I regularly attend meetings where key enabling technologies, or related aspects are discussed. I also present results of the projects I participate in at scientific conferences and workshops. In some projects, we organise workshops or seminars to collect stakeholder inputs. Below, some upcoming and recent events are listed.

Let me know if we can meet somewhere.

Ineke Malsch

Malsch TechnoValuation
Dr. Ineke Malsch
PO Box 455
3500AL Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0)6 22670580,
Fax: +31 (0)842 137482,
E-mail: postbus@malsch.demon.nl

Website: www.malsch.demon.nl

Training: www.ethicschool.nl



Upcoming networking events


2 October 2017. Biosecurity Knowledge-day, Amersfoort, Bureau Biosecurity.

7 November 2017. Policy making on biotechnology NEMO, Amsterdam.

10 November 2017 Netherlands Platform Nanomedicine. RIVM, Bilthoven.

Upcoming presentations and workshops


October 2017. In NANO2ALL, I will organise webinars training participants in stakeholder dialogues. Info: coming soon.


12-13 October 2017, ISTC-seminar dual use export controls, Astana, Kazakhstan. I present do-it-yourself ethics of dual use technology.


27 October 2017, INCOBRA workshop Responsible Research and Innovation, Porto Alegre, Brazil. I am key-note lecturer on responsible innovation.


20-21 November 2017, PRISMA workshop Berlin. I participate in panel discussion on experience in EU projects on responsible innovation.


18-21 May 2018. BALEWARE II, Linz, Austria.



Recent past events


18-19 September 2017, SATORI final conference, Brussels. I presented posters on Nano2All and SYNENERGENE.


22 May 2017, Paulo Martins interviewed me in the Internet-TV-programme NanoAlerta

23-24 April 2017, SYNENERGENE policy workshop, Brussels. I was co-organiser.

1-3 March 2017, Risk Governance for Key Enabling Technologies Policy Forum, Venice, Italy. I presented “Pitfalls of Interdisciplinarity” and participated in a panel discussion on risk governance

7-9 February 2017, New Tools and Approaches for Nanomaterial Safety Assessment Conference, Malaga, Spain. I presented “DECISION SUPPORT IN COLLECTIVE DIALOGUE ON INTERNATIONAL REGULATION OF NANOMATERIALS”

24 January 2017: Paulo Martins interviewed me about Nanotechnology for Water and Renewable Energy in Internet TV programme Nanotechnology Inside Out.

11-13 December 2016, BALEWARE 2016 at NM-AIST, Arusha, Tanzania. I was co-organiser and presented Nanotechnology for Water and Renewable Energy.

12-14 October 2016, The S.NET 2016: The Co-Production of Emerging Bodies, Politics and Technologies. I co-organised a special session on ‘Setting the agenda for NANO2ALL dialogues’, at University of Bergen, Norway.

5 October 2016: 3rd SUN Stakeholder Workshop, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. I was co-organiser

24-25 June 2016: Synthetic Biology – Visions of the Future. SYNENERGENE Forum, NEMO, Amsterdam: I contributed as expert to sessions on synthetic biology, culture and religion and on biosecurity and freedom.