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I founded Malsch TechnoValuation in 1999 in Utrecht, and have been its director since then. I regularly cooperate with partners in projects, but also work for clients on my own. I have experience in management of (parts of) projects, personnel and interns. Since 2002, I have participated in one or more EU-funded projects every year. In the current NANO2ALL project, I am responsible for training participants in dialogue about responsible nanotechnology. As knowledge-worker, I invest in life-long-learning, visible in my PhD (in 2011) and in the list of publications in scientific literature. My new book entitled “Future Technologies We Want”, about the role of technology in sustainable development, was published in April 2018. I apply this knowledge in the projects and assignments for clients. Besides paid work, I contribute voluntarily to several civil society organisations and as adviser to projects. Before starting my company, I gained experience at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the EU Joint Research Centre and at the unit for Scientific and Technological Options Assessment at the European Parliament.

Ineke Malsch

Malsch TechnoValuation
Dr. Ineke Malsch
PO Box 455
3500AL Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0)6 22670580,
Fax: +31 (0)842 137482,
E-mail: postbus@malsch.demon.nl

Website: www.malsch.demon.nl

Training: www.ethicschool.nl



European and Dutch projects


·         NANO2ALL

·         EthicSchool (restart 2012): www.ethicschool.nl


·         SYNENERGENE: (subcontractor project leader KIT) www.synenergene.eu

·         SUN: www.sun-fp7.eu

·         NMP-DeLA

·         NanoEIS:

·         ObservatoryNano

·         ICPC-NanoNet

·         Nanorecht en Vrede. Part of Maatschappelijke Dialoog Nanotechnologie, NL (Nanopodium).  

·         NanoforumEULA

·         Nanoforum (subcontractor project leader IoN)

·         EuroIndiaNet

·         NanoroadSME

A selection of my publications

Future Technologies We Want. Wolf Legal Publishers, April 2018:



Ethics and Nanotechnology; Responsible Development of Nanotechnology at Global Level in the 21st Century. 4-10-2011. http://repository.ubn.ru.nl/handle/2066/91234

Peer reviewed articles:

Ineke Malsch, et al. Decision support for international agreements regulating nanotechnology. NanoEthics online first 28 February 2018.

Ineke Malsch, et al. Comparing mental models of prospective users of the sustainable nanotechnology decision support system. In Environment, Systems and Decisions, online first, June 2017, Vol 37, iss.4, pp 465-483, Dec. 2017.

Ineke Malsch, et al. Current Trends in Nanoeducation for Industry and Society. In Current BioNanotechnology 2016, vol 2.

Ineke Malsch, Communitarian and Subsidiarity Perspectives on Responsible Innovation at a Global Level, in NanoEthics Vol 9, Issue 2, pp 137-150, 7 August 2015

Ineke Malsch, et al. Empowering Citizens in International Governance of Nanotechnologies. In: Journal of Nanoparticle Research, May 2015, 17:215 (12 May 2015)

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Ineke Malsch: Nanotechnology in Europe: Scientific Trends and Organisational Dynamics, in: Nanotechnology 10 (1999) 1-7, IOP publishers, London

Books and DVD:

Ineke Malsch. Future Technologies We Want. Wolf Legal Publishers. April 2018. www.wolfpublishers.com

Ineke Malsch & Claude Emond (eds.), “Nanotechnology and Human Health”, CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA http://www.crcpress.com/ (august 2013)

Ineke Malsch, Ethics and Nanotechnology; Responsible development of nanotechnology at global level in the 21st century, PhD thesis, Radboud University Nijmegen, Re-published by LAP Publishing, November 2012

Arie Rip, Jean-Pierre Wils, Alfred Nordmann, Maria Angeles Quesada, Ineke Malsch (eds) Ethics of Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies, e-learning DVD, EthicSchool project

N.H. Malsch (ed) Biomedical Nanotechnology, Boca Raton: CRC Press 2005

Book chapters and non-peer reviewed articles:

Ineke Malsch, et al (2016) NanoEducation for Industry and Society. In Springer Series on Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Management. Volume Managing Risks in Nanotechnology. Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016

Ineke Malsch, et al. (2016) International Cooperation on Nanosafety Between Europe and Latin America. In Springer Series on Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Management. Volume Managing Risks in Nanotechnology. Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016

Ineke MALSCH, et al. “Collective decision making on risk management and sustainable manufacturing of nanomaterials and the role of decision support tools”. In Proceedings 5th STS Italia Conference A Matter of Design: Making Society through Science and Technology Milan, 12–14 June 2014

Ineke Malsch: “Responsible Innovation in Practice”, in Proceedings 2nd World Sustainability Forum 1-30 November 2012

Ineke Malsch, “De maakbare mens en de biotechnologische revolutie,” in CD Verkenningen, Winter 2011, Wetenschappelijk Instituut van het CDA, Den Haag

Ineke Malsch, Le nanotecnologie e il potenziamento umano (Nanotechnology and Human Enhancement), in Joseph Tham L.C. & Massimo Losito (eds) Bioetica al Futuro: Tecnicizzare ‘l uomo o umanizzare la tecnica? (Bioethics in the future; mechanized humans or humanize technology?) The STOQ project research series, July 2010, UPRA, Rome

Ineke Malsch, Nano-education from a European perspective, Proceedings of the IVC-17/ICSS-13 and ICN+T2007 Congress, 2007, Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Ineke Malsch, Social and Economic Contexts: Making Choices in the development of biomedical nanotechnology, book chapter in N.H. Malsch (ed) Biomedical Nanotechnology, Boca Raton: CRC Press 2005

Transatlantic investments and human capital formation: the case of biotech firms, Oliver Wolf, Jens Hemmelskamp, Ineke Malsch, Per Soerup, in: The IPTS report, 33, April 1999. IPTS, Sevilla

Ineke Malsch, Biotechnologie of biologische wapens: koopman en dominee een zorg, in Filosofie Magazine December 1999.

IPTS and its MST and Nanotechnology activities: Malsch, Hernández, González, Moncada Paternó, in MST news 22/97

The importance of Interdisciplinary Approaches: the Case of Nanotechnology: Ineke Malsch, in IPTS report 13, April 1997, republished in an adapted version in "Technologies Internationales"

Other activities

In 2018:

RIVM: contributions to project on Safe by Design. www.rivm.nl

Onderzoek Nederland: freelance science journalism.

European Commission: evaluation of proposals.


ANSOLE: NL contact person since 2011

St. Martinus parish, Utrecht: member pastoral group, Aloysius church since 2016.

Pax Christi NL: members councilmember since 2010.

Pax Christi International: contributions to statements on Biological Weapons since 2001.


Report for an anonymous client in 2016/2017.

Rathenau Institute activities concerning nanotechnology and biotechnology, in 2000, 2002-2010, 2016. www.rathenau.nl 

BANTEC, Spain, participant expert-advisory committee SecurePart project

Stichting Christelijke Filosofie, report workshop Synthetic Biology and Symbolic Order, Lorentz Center – NIAS, 4-8 November 2013, Leiden, http://www.christelijkefilosofie.nl/

Ethical screening of projects for Research Executive Agency, European Commission (EC) in 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Evaluations of project proposals Research Executive Agency, EC, in 2015, 2014, for Research Council, Norway (2005), for EC DG Research (2008, 2005), for EC DG Enterprise (2003), and for EC DGs XII and XIII (1999)

COM’N&N (evaluation EU-nanotechnology communication activities): member Advisory Board (December 2012 – September 2013)

Expert in ex-post evaluation coordinated by Inno AG (2009-2011)

Subcontractor in ex-post evaluation coordinated by The Evaluation Partnership (2000-2003)

Member valorisation panel, project Biosecurity and Dual Use, TU Delft 2010-2011

Member KNAW-sounding board project biosecurity 2006-2009

VWA, NL, 2007 (workshop and report nanofood).

Mikrocentrum, organisation seminar, 2005-2006.

RIVM (review report nanomedicine): 2005

Member De Derde Kamer (project NCDO about Millennium Development Goals UN): 2003

Institute of Nanotechnology, Scotland, UK: website contents (1999-2002)

BRUT, Interregional network for innovation Gelderland - North Rhine Westphalia, NL-Germany: 2000-2001.

TU Delft, project Education Sustainable Development: 2000-2001.

European Parliament, STOA, Luxemburg: 1999.

Freelance science writing for different magazines, websites, etc. 2000-2009.

Lectures for students, academics, professionals and general audiences.

Since 1986: voluntary activities in several organisations.